Did your team perform optimal today?


Improvement Programs for Managers

Overview of workshops and seminars in Dutch and English

1.  Boost the performance of your organization
In half a day we scan together with you and your team the unused potential and bottlenecks in your organization. Followed by a plan that maps the steps to improve and realize the desired end result.
  • Inventarisation of bottlenecks and issues
  • Creating solutions – 4 basic steps to come to improvements
  • Mapping the opportunities and solutions
  • Determining the benefits and quick wins
  • Creating the roadmap to make it happen 
2. Efficient and result-oriented working in teams
In this seminar we scan your team and we share with you the building blocks and the keys to create and deliver results.
  • Team scan – how effective are we? Determining the areas for development.
  • The 5 steps to building efficient self-directed work teams
  • Team performance - how can you measure it, optimize and evaluate
  • Creating a detailed plan for developing the 3 critical success factors in your team
3. Personal performance and leadership
Are you getting the maximum out of yourself and organization? This seminar focuses on sharpening your skills to improve your personal and leadership performance. 
  • Personal performance scan, determining areas for improvement
  • The art of managing: 8  Leadership skills
  • Change management: 4 guidelines to tackle the challenges
  • Mapping a plan for the most effective improvements, daily incremental steps of 1%.
The programs are tailor-made and adapted to the specific needs, goals and aspirations of your managers and organization. They are formulated to quickly and effectively come to new ideas and solutions which you can apply the next day. At the end of each session there is a plan which maps the road to achieve the desired results. Depending on your ambitions, we can create programs from a half day to several days. 
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  • Efficiently tackling problems. You and your people are challenged to really come to the core of a problem.
  • Thinking outside existing frameworks. Together we create an environment with the ability to think outside the daily routine. 
The cooperation is characterized by: good listening, thoroughly defining the purpose through questioning, focus on the goal, identifying problems and determining what would be best for us.
- Leny Tabak - Board of Directors Dutch Education Inspection -
Why invest in these programs:
  • Shared solutions. I create the solutions together with your people, it becomes a solution that is supported by the entire group.
  • Roadmap to success. Together we create a plan to implement the solutions in the daily business operations.
  • Improvement in performance. It will be clearly defined what this will deliver in bottom line to your business.