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Business Improvement Programs


1. Keynote lectures

Inspirational and interactive lectures for company events and conferences.Personal performance, managing risk and change, teamwork and leadership. 

2. Seminars 

Improvement programs for managers. Instill a new way of thinking about business performance in your organisation. Efficiently tackling problems, thinking outside existing frameworks, shared solutions, map the road to success.

3. Quick scans 

In depth analysis with fast results. Identify and analyse the extra financial potential in your organization. People, processes, management steering, culture, operational and financial performance.

4Change programs 

Creating behavioral change in leading and the way of working in organizations. Clearly defined what this will deliver bottom line to your business. Leadership programs, operational excellence, process improvement and return on investment. 

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William is an experienced management consultant with a strong track record in delivering business improvement & performance optimization, change and interim management. He is pragmatic, result oriented and thoroughly enjoys what he does. His passion for the mountains has brought him to climb and attempt steep technical faces in Alaska, South America and the Himalayas. His stories of taking risk, thriving in uncertainty, and achieving results have captured people and audiences internationally.

The focus of the organisational development programs that he has been involved in range from cost reduction, productivity improvement, increasing revenues, process optimization to the delivering and implementing of reorganization programs. He has managed and been involved in implementation programs with business cases up to a budget of 10 Mio Euro and projects where the quick scan or analysis was the basis for the decision for an investment or an operational and financial recovery program.


William did a great tactical job for us with the implementation of an international change program. Overcoming barriers to change in Holland and Switzerland followed by full responsibility for the design and implementation of the UK management techniques program involving all management levels from Team Leaders to Tower Senior Executives. I would highly recommend William for any opportunities, at any level, within our business.

James O´Reilly – Managing Director Manageability - www.manageability.co.uk


Clients I have worked with:

ABN AMRO, Cofely, BAM, Ballast Nedam, Sita, Delta, Liandon (Nuon), Alliander, Joulz, ASM, Vestas, Rio Tinto, Lyondell Basell, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Atos Origin, T-systems, BOOST, Rydon Maintenance, Dixons retail, Housing21, Viking, and the Dutch Education Inspection